Provide Sponsorship for Rescued Animals

Make a difference today by becoming a sponsor for a 501(c)(3) organization. Sheryl's Den Animal Rescue accepts monetary contributions to cover the costs of each animal’s basic needs until a new family comes along and the dog gets adopted. We guarantee that each transaction is secure.

Why Sponsor

The average costs to transport and care for a rescued animal is between $200 and $300. The sad truth is it costs less to euthanize pets. Because of this, many animals do not get a chance at a good life. You can help us change that.

When you become a sponsor, you give each animal the chance they deserve. Sheryl's Den Animal Rescue fosters orphaned and newborn puppies, pregnant pets, and even dogs with special needs. Some new arrivals need urgent medical attention such as shots, deworming, and spay or neuter services. Getting rid of internal parasites or skin infections simply costs $25. With your help, we ensure that all their needs are met. 

Please make a one-time sponsorship below:

Your sponsorship of $25 will help us to vaccinate and deworm a recently rescued animal!

Your sponsorship of $35 will help us cover the cost of a vet exam or contribute to the cost of spay or neutering.

Senior animals and those with special needs require medications and care beyond the normal annual food and veterinary care budget. Your sponsorship of $50 will help us to continue to make their lives peaceful and pain-free.

Your sponsorship will help offset a sick animal's vet exam and help pay for proper medication to aid in recovery. They deserve to be healthy and happy.

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Do you have the ability to make a bigger impact? Your sponsorship of $100 will give us the ability to conduct more rescues, further advocate for these deserving animals, and spread the message of our no-kill philosophy..