Provide Temporary Homes to Rescued Animals

Ways You Can Help Sheryl’s Den Animal Rescue

Sheryl's Den Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving our furry friends from shelters. To rescue as many animals as possible, we welcome everyone who wants to help.



Providing temporary homes for animals is a rewarding experience. You can choose from puppies, small breed canines, pregnant dogs, or even dogs with special needs. Depending on which dog you will take in, fostering can last from a few days, a few weeks, to a few months.

Sheryl's Den Animal Rescue guarantees that all animals see a vet before entering your home. Each dog is treated to ensure that they are not bringing fleas to your house. Aside from this, we provide all the necessary supplies, veterinary care, emergency contact numbers, and our full support. The only cost to you is the gas for pickups and adoptions in the West Milford, NJ area. In case of an emergency, trips to the vet are required.

If you want to open your home to lost, surrendered, and abandoned dogs, we will contact you by phone to discuss the next steps. The crate, food, and other supplies will be given upon dog pickup.


Thank you for helping us help the animals! Many of our fostered animals would have otherwise been put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter. You really are making a difference, one life at a time! I look forward to working with you and getting to know you more. I am assured we will have a great bond, with our shared love of animals. Please note, upon receipt of this agreement, we will contact you by phone to discuss.