At Sheryl's Den, volunteers are always needed. In addition to fostering, the following help is always appreciated:

Application processors:
This is work that can be done from the comfort of your own home or office. Applications are forwarded by email to our processors. You would review the application, check vet references, and be able to write a summary of their experience, home life, and level of commitment the applicant has. Training is provided.

Prep work:
Prepare supplies prior to the animals arrival to be given to the foster family on transport day. This generally takes a few hours, depending on the number of animals arriving and volunteers on hand.

Ideas, planning, and executing events is essential to continue our mission. Help is always needed is this area. Photographer/Videographer: Responsible for taking pictures and/or videos to be used to spotlight the animals for various websites. Your time is required on transport dates.

Transport drivers:
Drivers needed to pick up animals at meeting place. Crates are provided. The distance is usually a 15 minute to an hour drive time from West Milford, NJ.

Transport help:
Help is always needed on a transport day to care for the animals until they are picked up by their foster family. This involves walking, feeding, general loving care, and clean up. This may take several hours. Time depends on the amount of animals arriving on that day and the number of volunteers on hand.

Event help:
A few times a year, Sheryl's Den does large events. Help is needed for set up, break down, finalizing adoptions, care of the animals, fundraising, and paperwork. The time can vary from 4 to 8 hours on the event date.

Vet Tech:
Experienced vet techs are always helpful. At times animals are in need of immediate care when they arrive. If you have experience, we can use your help. One to two hours of time is all that is required on a transport date. Most transports arrive on a Saturday. We could also use tech help when we travel to rescue dogs from shelters.

Dog Groomers:
Grooming is sometimes needed upon arrival. Other times grooming can be done a few days later. If you have experience with dog grooming, please let us know what you can offer.

Dog Trainers:
Dog training is necessary for many dogs. Sometimes, foster homes need to know how to help the dog they are fostering. If you are free for phone conversations, foster home visits, or transport dates, please let us know. We can work around your schedule.

We could use computer help. Sometimes we are researching grant opportunities, or doing simple price comparisons. If you like to surf the web, we can use your help with a variety of different web related tasks.
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