We are in great need of FOSTER HOMES that are willing to give deserving dogs a second chance at life.

If you have a little love to provide you will make a great foster home!

What can be more rewarding than helping a helpless animal?

Fostering can last from a period of a few days, few weeks, to a few months depending on the dogs you are willing to take in.

Sheryl’s Den provides all supplies as well as veterinary care. You also have contact numbers in case of an emergency and our full support.

You can choose to foster puppies, small breed dogs, young dogs, pregnant dogs, special needs dogs, etc.

The only cost to you is your gas to come to and from West Milford area for pick up and adoptions. In the event of an emergency a trip to the vet will be required. All animals see a vet prior to entering your home.

Medication is provided to the fostered animal to be sure the animal is not bringing fleas into your home. Crate, food, etc. is given to you at the time of pick up. Prior to becoming a foster home we will contact you by phone to discuss the next steps.

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