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Dear Foster Home:

Thank you for helping us; help the animals! Many of our fostered animals would have otherwise been put to sleep in an overcrowded shelter. You really are making a difference, one life at a time! I look forward to working with you and getting to know you more. I am assured we will have a great bond, with our love for animals alike. Please note, upon receipt of this agreement, we will contact you by phone to discuss.
I agree to foster, with love and affection and treat the animal as if it were my own. I will constantly treat it in a humane way, providing fresh water, food, and a clean place to rest daily.
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I understand that this pet is solely Owned by Sheryl’s Den Rescue, and that I may not place or adopt this pet to anyone. This pet must remain in my care throughout the fostering experience unless approved by a director.
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I am not qualified to approve anyone for adoption of the pet(s) I foster. I will refer them to the Sheryl’s Den website, where they can complete an adoption application and the process can begin.
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I agree that by taking this pet into my home, I take ALL responsibility to ANY damages the pet may cause to my house, yard and/or any other pet. AS WELL AS MYSELF AND MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS. (I am fully responsible for any of my pet’s medical bills, my furniture repairs, etc.)
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I agree to notify a Sheryl’s Den representative in any event I can no longer foster with giving a minimum of a weeks notice. I will hold onto this pet for the week during that time, to allow an ample amount of time to find another possible foster home.
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I agree to notify a Sheryl’s Den representative immediately if the animal becomes sick, or encounters any harm; in order to get the animal the proper care needed. I will NOT bring this animal to a vet unless permitted by a Sheryl’s Den director. If I do, I am responsible to cover that vet bill.
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I agree to return any borrowed materials including crates, bowls, leashes, collars, toys, all unused wet/dry food, and medication provided by Sheryl’s Den.
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I understand that I am required to foster a minimum of three times prior to being considered for adoption. If I am interested in finalizing an adoption with one of my foster animals I will apply to adopt the animal and go through the approval process as any adopter would.
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I agree that my current animals are up-to-date on their shots (including Bordatella) and have been altered. I agree to keep our pets up to date for as long as I foster for Sheryl’s Den.
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