Sheryl’s Den Online Application

Thank you for interest in rescuing an animal and for taking the time to complete this application. We appreciate your honesty in answering all of the following questions. Incomplete applications can not be considered. Our main concern is the future health and well being of all the animals in our care.
List ALL the dogs you are interested in:
Your Name:
Home Number:
Cell Number:
Work Number:
Best number to reach you during the day?:
Years there?:
Your approx age group:
Is this pet a gift?:
If yes, for whom?:
Are you head of household?:
How many adults live in household?:
How many children live in household?:
Ages of all children (including adult children) living at household?:
Do all members of your household want this pet?:
Do any family members have allergies? If yes, please explain:
Who will be primarily responsible for the pet?:
What is your reason for adopting this animal?:
Rent or own?:
If renting, landlord's name:
Landlord's phone number:
May we contact?:
How long have you lived at your current address?:
Do you have a fence?:
If yes, how high?:
Please explain how and when you will exercise the pet and allow it to relieve itself:
Where do you want this pet to be kept?:

Please contact your vet in order to provide consent for them to speak with us.
I have provided consent for my vet to speak with Sheryl's Den. (By clikcing No, the application process will be delayed):
What pets have you owned in the past?:
Where are they now?:
What pets do you own now?:
Are they spayed or neutered?:
Are their vaccinations current?:
Name and telephone numbers of all veterinarians that cared for your prior/current pet. (Please note the name the records would be under and pets names):
Please list the names of your prior or current pets:
How long will the pet be left alone each day?:
If pet will be left alone, please explain?:
Where will the pet be kept during this time?:
Where will the pet be kept when the family is home?:
How many hours will the pet be allowed to play outside?:
What will you do if the pet gets lost?:
What will you do if your pet becomes ill and requires expensive care?:
What will you do with your pet when you go on vacation?:
What will you do with your pet if you move?:
What will you do if your pet chews furniture or displays other destructive behavior?:
Are you aware that dogs could have the following behavioral issues: Barking, chewing, fear of separation, fear of men or women, housebreaking, aggression, digging etc, just to name a few, and are in need of proper training? :
Are you aware that there is a long adjustment period for the dog, the family, and for the family pets? Is your current pet… dog friendly?:
Are you familiar with housebreaking, Crate training, and Local pet licensing laws?:
Have you ever participated in a formal pet obedience training class?:
Are you willing to seek professional help if behavioral issues arise in this pet?:
Please provide one personal reference who can recommend you as a responsible pet owner
Please provide the name of a person living outside of your home that will
care for this pet if you are no longer able
Are you willing to allow us to make a home visit to verify your application?:
Are you willing to agree to 3-month, 6-month and yearly follow up visits? :
Please add any additional information that you think we should know about:
I am human Verify *

By submitting this application I confirm agreement with all of the following statements:
I have a solid understanding of what is required in both time, effort, and resources (money) to care for a pet. I agree to have an identification tag on my pet so that it can be returned to me if it ever gets lost. I agree NOT to hold this rescue agency or any of its affiliates liable for damage or injury that this pet could cause, including to the health of my current pets. I agree never to abandon my adopted pet or deposit it at any animal shelter or research facility. I understand that most pets are rescued from shelters and have issues that need to be addressed as part of their adjustment into my home. We will take care of whatever issues we have both behavioral and health wise. We are in agreement to take over the care of the adopted pet. Whatever issues Sheryl’s Den has discovered will be listed in the Petfinder ad. If you are not willing to work through whatever issues your adopted pet has, please do not submit this application. I, (enter your name here) certify that all questions have been answered honestly and accurately and I authorize you to contact anyone listed on this application. Before submitting this application, please take a moment to be sure that all information is complete and accurate.
Thank you. Sheryl’s Den

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