Where do I start?

We suggest that you read the following information before applying to adopt a pet. We are sure that you will find all this information helpful in choosing what kind of pet would be good for you. Once you have read it all through, you can either look at our list of pets for adoption. We would like you to be certain in your decision before applying to adopt.

Does it matter if my pet grows too big?

We suggest that you consider the fact that it is impossible to determine the exact size a mixed breed dog will be. Some mutts have three or more breed mixes in there. Therefore, it is really hard to determine the exact size a dog would grow. Please take into consideration that a dog may grow larger than you expect or stay smaller than you hoped for.

Does it matter if my pet sheds a lot of fur in my house?

Many breeds of dogs shed fur. Some shed less than others, but they still shed. Pet fur will get all over your house - no matter how much you clean! Are you ready for this?

Do I travel a lot?

Am I home enough to spend time with my pet? All pets need someone around to spend time with them. It is important for dogs to have owners that are home to train and socialize them at the critical points in their development. Adult dogs need people around to meet their basic daily needs to avoid behavioral problems that can arise from being deprived of human contact.

Can I afford to take care of extra expenses if my pet becomes sick?

Most people do not think about care if their pet should become sick or in need surgery. If your pet should need any kind of surgery or tests the cost will quickly rise. It will cost more at an emergency clinic. Many pets are brought to shelters because they become ill and owners refuse/cannot pay for vet care. This causes much suffering on the part of the pet, and their owners.

Do I know how to take care of a pet?

Do I know what the pets needs are? Many people are not aware of everything that owning a pet involves. Talk to people who have had pets, or have pets now. If possible offer to pet sit for few days so you get a small idea of what it will be like to have a pet in the house. Talk to a trainer about the costs involved should you need expert help.

Am I willing to exercise and clean-up after my dog several times a day?

No matter how big or small, calm or active your dog is he or she will need to go outside for exercise and to relieve himself numerous times a day. This can increase with puppies, small dogs, or senior dogs. Dogs don't care about the weather, when they need to go, it is important that you allow them.

Will my current pets accept a new pet?

Please consider your current pets when taking a new pet into the home. Some pets just won't be happy with a new comer. A lot of times current pets can exhibit bad behaviors as a result of the stress caused by a new pet in the home. Usually these behaviors can be corrected with a lot of time and patience, but sometimes it is just not a good idea to have a new pet in the home. Some things to consider are: The age of your current pets - sometimes older pets don't want to be bothered with new, rowdy puppy. Consider adopting an older, calmer pet to help keep a happy balance. How socialized are your current pets? Sometimes if not socialized well with other animals current pets may never accept a new pet into the home. Possibly try socializing your current pet with the type of pet you are considering adopting to see how they react. How needy are your current pets - Some pet require a lot of time and attention either due to personality or medical concerns. Will you still be able to give that pet all the attention it requires if you adopt a new pet?

Am I getting a pet to teach my children how to be responsible?

If done properly pets can be a great way to teach children responsibility. Most of the time this theory results in pets being brought to shelters. Children cannot be expected to be the sole caretaker of a new pet not matter how much they promise! Are you ready to pick up all the slack as the newness of the pet wears off? A good way to teach children responsibility is to give them certain jobs that relates to pet care, such as feeding, clean water, brushing, etc. and then follow up with them to make sure it gets done.

Does anyone in my family suffer from allergies to animals?

Allergies are on the list of top reasons people surrender pets to shelters. Before adopting a pet make sure that no one in the family is allergic. If you are not sure if you are allergic or not spend a lot of time with friends who have pets to see if you get a reaction to the pet hair and dander. A lot of time people will not react right away if not severely allergic, but having a pet in the home for a period of time, as the pet dander builds up, will have an allergic reaction. If after spending time with a friend who has pets you don't get a reaction, or get a mild reaction, you may want to consider going for allergy testing. It will be worth it to find out now, before committing your heart and home to a new pet, and then finding out you are allergic. If you are mildly allergic and don't mind having a pet in the home talk to adoption staff for a list of breeds/types that are better for people with allergies.
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